Our stallions, like our mares have been chosen for proven consistency in passing on the heritage of their pedigrees.

We offer a large selection of stallions to complement the family lines of your mare, as well as over 50 years experience in breeding Arabian horses.

We also have young stallions For Sale that could complement your existing breeding program or help start your own breeding program.



Since we are primarily breeders, producing foals for sale each year, our mares have been carefully chosen for outstanding quality and type.

A mare must prove herself not only in her pedigree, but also in performance.

Our mares express the refinement and disposition of the finest of the Arabian breed and are valuable beyond measure for their ability to pass on those traits to their offspring.



We offer Geldings For Sale with a range of training and ages and prices.



Our foals are eagerly anticipated every spring! Each represents a new life with a unique personality and ability.

We provide good early training for our young horses so we can recommend the right one to a new buyer.

Whether you want a show horse or family friend, we will share our experience with you to help you make the right choice.